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While you possibly can’t declutter away a whole pandemic, it’s time to give your place the care that it needs by dusting the corners and removing the clutter. After all, you’ll be spending quite some time in it during the next few months, so make sure that it’s a nice place to stay in.


1. Develop a top-to-bottom process

Everything begins with a process. When doing your spring cleaning plan, employ a top to bottom approach. Begin in the morning and with a big meal, because there’s no sense doing the dishes first if you haven’t eaten yet. Dust the top part of your place first, including the doorframe and the light fixtures, because if you cleaned the floors first, debris would just fall on to it and you'd have to start again. Then, make sure to remove your rugs, declutter appropriately and throw the garbage away. Essentially, clean and wash the floor last, when no more dirt can accidentally settle on it.


2. Create a checklist of chores for every room

Now that you’ve developed a top-to-bottom process, it’s time to create a checklist of chores. Here’s an example:

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The trick here is to divide your chores into smaller sections, and then apply the top-to-bottom approach to each one of them. For example, you’d have a big section called kitchen, and in there, you could have smaller ones like fridge, pantry and counter tops.

A checklist also helps you remember to finish the chores that you’ve been purposefully ignoring for months. This is what spring cleaning is about, after all. You need to dust those nooks and crannies, especially those that you don’t want to tend to!


3. Ruthlessly declutter

Now for the hard part. Decluttering is the hard but necessary process of throwing away the things that you’ve been keeping in your place for ages. This could range from broken toys you’ve been meaning to fix for your kids to unopened magazines that you’ve been subscribed to.

Unleash the Marie Kondo in you. Get rid of the stuff that doesn’t spark joy. It’s going to give you a well-deserved peace of mind and more space to later fill up! Of course, don’t just throw away other people’s stuff without telling them, because we don’t encourage that! We also don’t want to get accountable for domestic spats.

The great purge
Source: Soccer Mom Blog


Decluttering also involves throwing away paper clutter that’s been filling your crib for quite some time now. Here below is an awesome cheat sheet that shows when you should throw out paper clutter based how long you need the documents for:

Cheat sheet
Source: Soccer Mom Blog